Overview and Features Of sh404SEF for Joomla 1.5.9

   Using SH404SEF gives us additional options to implement search engine friendly URLs as well as to customise our URLs and meta tags. Just as the core SEF component in Joomla 1.5.9, sh404SEF can implement SEF URLs with as well as without Apache mod_rewrite being on. If apache_mod rewrite is off there is an added /index.php/ in the URL.
   For example with mod-rewrite off the URL is http://localhost/joomla159/index.php/sightseeing-in-goa/goa-sightseeing-tours.html and with mod-rewrite on the URL will be http://localhost/joomla159/sightseeing-in-goa/goa-sightseeing-tours.html.

Configuration Options in the sh404SEF Control Panel

   We have switch to extended display which displays all available parameters inorder to change to the SEF mode with mod_rewrite on. sh404SEF Control Panel - extended display On clicking on the sh404SEF configuration we are presented with a wide array of options for implementing SEF URLs in our website as well as for customising the URLs and meta tags. The tabs Main and Advanced are very important.
   We can turn the SEF URLs off and on from the main tab. A numerical id based on date can be inserted in the URL if required. This is a good addition for news articles.
   Under plugins we can decide the use of the title, section and category alias in the URL. We can also turn on or off the use of section and category in the URL. sh404SEF   -  advanced configuration
   The rewriting mode can be selected from the advanced configuration tab as shown in the screenshot above.

Creating and Editing Meta Tags Using sh404SEF in Joomla 1.5.9

   In the case of certain components, there may not be a provision to enter meta tags. In that case we can specify the meta tags by clicking View/Edit SEF URLs. The sh404SEF URL Manager is then displayed. We can then select on the URL that we wish to edit and click on NEW Meta.
   For more details refer to implementation of Search Engine Friendly URLs in Joomla site. sh404sef new meta tags