Installation, Configuration and Support for Content Management Systems (CMS)

  A CMS is a computer software system for organising and facilitating collaborative creation of documents and other content. The creation of new content and or editing of existing content can be done by users with administrative rights only. Their ability to make changes or add new content will depend on the rights conferred upon them by the Super Administrator of the system. A CMS is usually a web application used for managing web sites and web content.
   Once a CMS is installed and running, it is simple for even non-technical users to add or edit content, upload and add images, and to manage the content. Anybody with basic word processing skills can easily learn to manage a web site.
   You will easily be able to add new press releases or news items, manage staff pages, and create an unlimited amount of Sections, Categories, and Content Items on your web site via a simple, browser-based interface.
   I provide Installation, Configuration , Customisation and Support for Content Management Systems which will enable you to update your website all by yourself as often as you wish. Please contact me for a quote. I can offer you the best rate with high quality and efficient work.

Features of CMS - Content Management Systems:

  • Runs on Apache web server with PHP and My SQL
  • Facility to add or edit content, upload and add images, and to manage the content
  • Ability to restrict access to certain sections of site only to a particular group of users
  • Integrated download managers provided in certain Content Management Systems
  • Look and Feel of your site is fully customisable via "Themes"
  • Themes can be created or modified for you if you are not satisfied with the look and feel of existing themes
  • Customised page titles can be used for each page so as to be appropriate to the content contained in that page
  • Customised page descriptions can also be used if required by you so as to provide a page summary in the description instead of a site summary.
  • I provide installation, configuration, customisation and support for content Management systems in Goa, India as well as any outstation location via the internet.

   Joomla Content Management System can be fully customised to meet your requirement. A suitable customized theme can be created and used to make the look and feel of the site as per your requirement. I have for demonstration purposes created a customised theme, menu as well as recreated a sample page of my site (old version) in Joomla.

Joomla - Installation Configuration and Support

   Besides Joomla, I also provide installation, configuration and support for Wordpress as well as e-commerce websites based on WooCommerce (WordPress based).