Viewing The Trends Graph In Online Examination System

  Shown below are the Trends Graphs of the Customized Online Examination System developed in MySQL and PHP for a leading Maritime Academy located in Goa, India. The trends graph show the graph of how many students have passed in each topic of a particular subject (Topic wise comparison graph) as well as how many students have passed in each subject (Subject wise comparison graph).
   To view the graphical trends of the Online Examination System we have to click on View Trends on the menu to the left. We can then select the required graph by clicking on the link provided . We will then be presented with a page where we have to specify the Batch No for which we want to view the graph. On submitting the Batch Number we can view the view the desired graph.


Topicwise Pass Percentage

GP Seamanship Trends MT Exam 92.50% 82.50% 92.50% 82.50% 87.50% 82.50% 85.00% 87.50% 80.00% 90.00% 80.00% 97.50% 95.00% 90.00% 90.00%

Subjectwise Pass Percentage

GP Mid Term Exam Trends (Comparison) 85.00% 85.00% 92.50%

Topic Wise Pass Percentage (Comparison)

Seamanship  Exam Trends (Comparison Topic wise Mid Term and Final) 71.43% 68.57% 68.57% 74.29% 74.29% 85.71% 80.00% 68.57% 77.14% 68.57% 48.57%

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