Customized Online Examination System - Package Details & Pricing

   This software was developed many years back and is now no longer supported.

   The Customized Online Examination System is a web application to conduct examinations online. It requires a web server which has PHP and My SQL. The web server can be on the Internet or optionally on the local network.
   The Online Examination System can consist of various types of multiple choice questions. They are Choose the correct answer, Fill in the blanks, Match the columns and True and False.
   Each main question has to consist of 5 questions. i.e For a Question paper consisting of 100 questions there will be 20 main questions. Examples of the different types of questions are shown below. Four different varieties of main questions are shown below. In case you are looking out for a low cost exam system please refer to Affordable Examination System

Choose The Correct Answer

Multiple choice - Choose the correct answer

Fill In The Blanks

Multiple choice - Fill in The Blanks

Match The Columns

Multiple choice - Match The Columns

True or False

Multiple choice - True or False

   This system is a fully customised version and will be configured and changed as per your requirement.

Features of the Customised Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL (Base Version):

  • Software Developed in PHP/MySQL annd works on Apache web server or any server supporting PHP and MySQL.
  • One Sample paper provided and Templates for 4 more papers. You only have to enter the questions.The rest is pre-configured.
  • Can be modified to enter more Question papers (Unlimited).
  • 10 sets of each question are used for randomization. Randomization is done at the main question level. Any one is selected at random (out of the 10 sets for each main question in a paper) for each main question.
  • Question Paper consists of Random Selection Of Questions with Proper Weightage to Various Topics.
  • Combination of Questions asked and answers given by the students and marks obtained stored in the database. Questions not stored in database (Stored in HTML/PHP files). As a result the system runs faster.
  • Different Types of Multiple Choice Questions can be asked.
  • The total number of questions can vary from paper to paper.
  • Answers processed and marks awarded Instantly. Results can be viewed immediately upon Submission.
  • Generation of Individual Answer Sheets, General Mark Lists Summary (Total marks Obtained) as well as Detailed (Topic Wise marks Obtained).
  • The topics in the detailed General Mark List can be specified by you along with the minimum pass marks for the subject.
  • Can include pictures, graphics and flash (swf) files in the questions of the Online examination.
  • The computerized examination system has a facility to Add students details, View Student List as well as Edit student details. The Student details that you wish to store in the database can be specified by you.
  • The Customised Online examination system has a password based authentication system for students as well as System Administrator. The passwords are encrypted and stored in form of an MD5 hash in the MySQL database.
  • The System Administrator as well the Student can change their own passwords. In addition the administrator can edit all details of the student.
  • Source Code Provided which you can modify for your own use.

Price of Base Version: Please Contact

   Note: The Customized Online Examination System can be fully customized as per your requirement as well as a very flexible version. You can specify the various parameters and the system will be developed accordingly and priced as per features. You can contact with your Specific requirement.

Features of the Enhanced Customised Online Examination System:

  • All features of the base version
  • 5 exam papers as specified by you will be fully entered in the system. 10 sets for each main question in each paper. In addition templates for 10 more papers.
  • Can be modified by you to enter more Question papers. Trends Graphs can also be added for the new papers. Full details provided.
  • Trends Graphs Included
  • Trends Graph showing the number of students which have passed individual subjects .
  • Trends Graph showing the number of students which have passed topic wise of each subject.
  • The number sets of each question that are used for randomization can also be changed for each paper.
  • Source Code Provided which you can modify for your own use.

Price of Enhanced Version: Please Contact