Customized Automobile Service Station Management Software – Inventory, Billing, Job card, Sales and Service, Repair History

   The Customised Automobile Service Station management Software (developed in Access) helps you to maintain details of your inventory, generate bills for Counter sales as well as Work orders as well as generate Job Cards.
   You can generate various customised reports of the inventory. The two main reports being the complete report of all items in the inventory and their quantities. The second being the report of the items in short supply (below reorder level) and which have to be ordered. You can also view the repair history of any vehicle which was serviced at your service station.
   The application maintains the customer, employee as well as vehicle details. This application was developed for an authorised service station of one of India's leading heavy vehicle manufacturer located in North Goa, India.

This software was developed in Access many years back and is now no longer supported.

Working Of the Automobile Service Station Management Software

   In any service station, when a vehicle is brought for servicing a Job card is usually prepared along with a service and spares estimate. The software has the provision to enter all the necessary details for the preparation of the job card.
   The vehicle registration number, Odometer reading, Fuel, Date in and Date out as well as the person (Mechanic) to whom the job is allocated to can be entered. The bottom part of the job card data entry consists of selecting the spare parts required and the service to be carried out on the vehicle.
   Here the respective spare part or the sevice code has to be selected and the quantity entered. The rest will be automatically done. You have the option to override the value of any quantity that you like. During the selection process of the item code you are also shown the name of the item as well as the manufacturer.
   There is also the provision for locking the job card after completion of entries. On clicking the preview button the job card is displayed.

Automobile Service Station - Data Entry of the Job Card

  Data Entry for the Job Card

   The view of the completed job card generated by the application is shown below.

Job Card with Service and spares estimate

 Completed Job Card with Service and spares estimate

Invoice Generation for Works Order

   After the job card has been completed and the estimate accepted we have to enter the actual spare parts used on the vehicle and the services done for the vehicle as per the requests of the customer. We can enter the spares and services in a similar way as in the job card i.e. by selecting the item code and service code. The view of the completed works order invoice is shown below.
   Please note that there is a facility to generate the invoices for the counter sales of spares and consumables which are not associated with any works order.

Works Order Invoice for Service Station

  Automobile Service Station - Works Order Invoice

Vehicle Repair History

   The vehicle service station management software has a vehicle repair history view. it shows all important details of the vehile like owners name, chassis no, contact details along with all the repairs carried out on the vehicle. The details of spares replaced as well as services done are also mentioned. Details of parameters like odometer reading at the time of each service are also tracked.

vehicle repair history  view

  View of the Vehicle Repair History

Spare Parts Inventory Management

   There are various reports available regarding inventory. the most important report is the one which displays the inventory details of all items that are below the reorder level and have to be ordered immediately.

Items to be Ordered

 Items that are below the reorder level and have to be Ordered

Item (Spare Parts) and Service details

   The vehicle service station management software also maintains the details of the various spare parts in the inventory as well as consummables. Various fields are present in the product or Item Master.
   They include the default sale and purchase price, item code, name, description, reorder level, order quantity, lead time , category and several others. It also maintains the details of the different types of services provided.

Item Details Entry

 Data Entry for Item details (Product Master)

Vehicle Details

   The vehicle details as well as details of customers and employees is also maintained.

vehicle details

 Vehicle Details

Features of Customized Automobile Service Station Management Software:

  • Complete Inventory from Sales of spare parts
  • Reports for all invoices, taxes collected and more
  • Reports for all Items in Stock as well as Items to be Ordered
  • Maintains Details of vehicle repairs, spares used and other information via repair history
  • Invoice reports for particular period – Summary as well as detailed
  • Reports of outstanding amounts by customer for sales as well as service
  • Maintains the Employee, Supplier as well as Customer details
  • This software was developed in Access many years back and is now outdated (and no longer supported)