Customised Restaurant Management Software – Get complete Inventory from Sale of Food Items and Drinks, Billing, Sales by each Steward and More ..

   The Customised Restaurant Management Software helps you to prevent pilferage as it calculates the consumption of the raw materials used to prepare the various items on your menu based on your sales and then shows you the inventory of raw materials. You can then cross check very easily against your purchases.
  This is a complete restaurant management software. It includes Billing, Inventory as well as keeps details of tables, sales by table, total number of guests, details of the Stewards (waiters) as well as the sales effected by them.
  There are also detailed as well as summary reports of the sales for a particular period. There are also reports of the full inventory as well as items to be ordered for raw materials as well as drinks.
   The software also maintains the Steward, Supplier as well as Customer details. The purchases are also maintained and the report for cost comparison between various suppliers is also provided.

This software was developed in Access many years back and is no longer supported.

Working Of Restaurant Management Software

   As soon as the steward presents the order slip at the counter, the person at the counter has just to key in the invoice number, select the steward and key in the number of guests.
   He then has to select the items ordered and enter the quantities. The prices, units and tax rate are entered automatically and the totals are also done by the application. The bill can be generated by clicking the preview button. See the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Data Entry of the Invoice

  Data Entry for the Sales Invoice

   A restaurant has two types of items served to the guests namely Drinks and Food Items. As the drinks are normally served directly and no additional preparation goes into it, the stock keeping for drinks is taken care of faily easily.
   But as the Food items are prepared out of several ingredients it is quite a big task to find the comsumption of raw materials based on sales of Food items, and thereby track and cut down on pilferage and wastage. It is here that this software demonstrates it's usefullness as described below.

Fool Proof Pilferage Prevention For Raw Material Stock

A key feature of this customized Restaurant management software is that it keeps track of the inventory based on the sales of the dishes in the menu. For example if a particular dish, say chicken cafreal is prepared by .25 Kg Chicken, 50 ml oil, 50 gm cafreal masala, 50 gm ginger garlic paste and 50 gm onions.
   Now whenever a dish of chicken cafreal is sold the software will keep track of the ingredients consumed and adjust the inventory accordingly. Likewise for each dish sold, the software will calculate the ingredients used and multiply it by the total number of dishes sold. For example if 4 dishes of chicken cafreal are sold then 1 Kg of chicken is consumed.
   This facility is very important as you can get your consumption of raw materials used in the preparation of various food items from the sales of the various dishes on your menu. Just look at the trouble it will save you.
   To do the same without this software you will have to take each item in the bill and manually calculate the quantity of each ingredient that has gone into its making and multiply by the dishes sold in that invoice. This process will have to be repeated for each ingredient for every item in the invoice for all the invoices of that day.

Report of Consumption of Raw materials by sales of dishes

 Raw materials Consumption from sales of dishes

The software also deducts the consumption of raw materials that is calculated from sale of dishes from the existing stock and generates the reports of the full inventory of raw materials as well as the raw materials that are below the reorder level and have to be ordered. The screenshot for this report is shown below.

Raw materials to be Ordered

 Raw materials to be Ordered

The screenshot of the report for the drinks that are in short supply and have to be ordered is shown below.

Drinks  to be Ordered

 Drinks to be Ordered

For more details of the anti-pilferage features of this restaurant management software for your raw material stock please refer to Pilferage Prevention features

Features of Customized Restaurant Management Software:

  • Complete Inventory from Sale of Food Items and Drinks
  • Raw Material Inventory based on the sales of the dishes
  • Details of Purchases are also maintained
  • Report for cost comparison between various suppliers
  • Reports for all Items in Stock as well as Items to be Ordered
  • Maintains Details of Ingredients used for the preparation of a Food Item
  • Invoice reports for particular period – Summary as well as detailed
  • Reports Sales Effected by each Steward as well as sales at each table
  • Maintains the Steward, Supplier as well as Customer (If required) details
  • This software was developed in Access many years back and is now no longer supported