Web Design and Development Services For Static and Dynamic Websites with Content development

   I provide Web design and development services for all types of websites, both static as well as dynamic websites. Web design and development Options are available for small business web sites as well as for large dynamic websites using Content Management Systems such as Joomla or Wordpress. The dynamic websites can be made to look exactly like a static site by creating Search engine Friendly URLs if desired by you. Search Engine friendly URL's are visitor friendly as well, since they allow for easy bookmarking and are far easier to remember. An additional advantage is the boost it provides in search rankings.
   I have designed and developed lots of websites both static as well as dynamic for companies based in Goa, India as well as outside India. The websites were developed for hotels, academies, B2B services like Erection & commissioning, Technical services, e-commerce, e-book publishers, tour operator and several other sectors . The content development for the websites was also done.

Development of websites was done in three languages English, German and French. I also provide SEO and Google Adwords Optimization services.

Below is a Joomla based website developed in German for the elections in Hesse (in Germany) to encourage increased voter participation as well as voter mobilization and education.
German Elections Web Development

Below is a Joomla based website developed in French for an international motorcycle tour operator.
French Web Development

Standard Web Design and Development Features

   Affordable Web Design and development includes designing your Web site with a fully CSS design, which is very Search engine friendly. Besides this a fully responsive design will be created so that your website will display properly across all devices. Another advantage is that your website will be ranked higher in mobile rankings compared to a similar website which is not responsive. Below you can see how this website is displayed on a mobile phone. Mobile View of Responsive Website
   For a small business web site, design and development of a static website with the standard features will be very efficient and highly cost effective. For details of the website design and development options provided please refer to Web Design and Development packages. Below are screenshots of an Ayurvedic clinic website and Taxi services website. These two websites are static websites.

Ayurvedic Clinic Website Web Design of Taxi Services Website

Using a Content Management System Like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal to Update a Web Site By Yourself

   In case you want to update the content on your website by yourself as often as you wish as well as add new content, I have got the solution that is well suited to your requirements. The solution is installing and customising a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

   I provide Installation, Configuration, Customization and support for Content Management Systems such as Joomla or Wordpress. Wordpress, an extremely popular blog software in PHP and MySQL can be configured to work like a website for small websites. Once a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla is installed and running, it is simple for even non-technical users to add or edit content, upload and add images, and to manage the content.

  This type of a website is called a dynamic website and the content is stored in a database like MySQL and the web page is generated dynamically at the server when requested for by a site visitor. Such a dynamic web design allows new pages to be easily added to the website. It also facilitates creation of new menus, insertion of content items in menus, editing of menus as well as control their placement on various pages of the site. Several other features are also provided in a content management system. Anybody with basic word processing skills can learn to manage a web site.

Below is a E-book publisher's Website developed using Joomla content management system.
E-book publisher Website developed in Joomla CMS

Using a content management system is well suited for medium to large sites and provides great convinience in adding and updating content, managing menus and making site-wide changes. In case of very small sized websites that do not require frequent updates it will not be cost effective. This is because the CMS software will need to be updated frequently for security reasons as well as for fixing bug. The updating has to be done as soon as the update is available and more so in case of security updates.

And finally an example of an e-commerce website that was developed in Prestashop 1.5 Prestashop E-Commerce website screenshot

Other Web Development and Design Related services Provided

   I also provide Search Engine Optimization services for your website. Installation, Configuration and Support is provided for Google Analytics, which will enable you to track the page views, number of vistors, country profile of visitors, what site visitors are looking for in your site and several other reports.

Web Design and Development Packages

   Various web design and development packages are provided for static as well as dynamic web design. Affordable Web design and development services are also available along with SEO. For details of the various web development and design options available please refer to Web Design and Development Packages so that you can choose a package suitable for your website.

Features of Affordable Web Design and Development Services:

  • High Quality, Efficient, and Cost Effective Web Site Design and Development.
  • The website is manually coded (HTML) for mimimum file size with the result that pages will download faster.
    In case required speed optimization service can also be provided. Here compression is enabled as well as other techniques like optimizing images, minimizing CSS and javascript, Leveraging browser caching and reducing the number of HTTP requests are employed to speed up your website. For more details refer to the Website Speed Analysis section in Website SEO Audit
  • Fully Responsive and Table-less Design will be used to design your website.
  • Customised Page Titles accurately reflecting your content can also be provided at additional cost for each page of your website.
  • Various web site design and development options available including options suitable for a small business website. Details at Web Design and Development packages.
  • Installation, Configuration, Customisation and support is provided for Content Management Systems (CMS). A CMS will enable you to update and manage your website by yourself.
  • Search Engine Optimization Services are also provided
  • Installation, Configuration and Support is provided for Google Analytics
  • Professional Web Design and development Services are provided within Goa, India as well as anywhere across the world.