Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL - Different Types Of Multiple Choice Questions

The screenshots below show the multiple choice questions of the Customized Online Examination System in MySQL and PHP developed for a leading Maritime Academy located in Goa, India.
   The Online Examination System can consist of various types of multiple choice questions. The different types of multiple choice questions are Choose the Correct Answer, Fill in The Blanks, Match The Columns and True or False.
   The different types of multiple choice questions for the computerized examination system is shown below.

Fill in The Blanks

Multiple choice - Fill in The Blanks

Match The Columns

Multiple choice - Match The Columns

True or False

Multiple choice - True or False

  The other type of multiple choice questions for the Online Examination System i.e. Choose the correct answer has already been mentioned earlier but is being mentioned below again just in case you missed it.

Choose The Correct Answer

Multiple choice - Choose The Correct Answer

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