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   Infosolutions Goa provides affordable, efficient as well as cost effective Search Engine Optimization Packages. Web design and development Packages are also available along with SEO. In case of any specific requirement please contact for more details.

An enormous number of websites have reported huge increases in traffic after SEO was done. For example I have increased the website traffic of an international motorcycle tour company by more than 400% after SEO was done. A Denmark Based E-Commerce Company Increased Traffic by more than 140%, the details are mentioned in the Denmark E-Commerce Company SEO case study

Small Business Website SEO Package (Standard Search Engine Optimization Package for 5 Pages):

This SEO package is most suitable for small businesses that target a small geographical area like a town, a small state (example Goa with a population of only 1.5 million) or part of a big city.

If the aim is to attract customers from across the country or from several countries, much more effort in terms of content is required and your website has also to be much bigger than a small single location small business website. Small businesses that run E-Commerce stores or are in travel or similar sectors will also require much larger websites, much more content and will have more complex structures. Such businesses will require a different SEO package depending on the exact nature of the website and niche.

   The following are the features of the Standard Small Business Website SEO Package.

1)Analysis of Website Structure and Navigation
Your Current site will be analyzed by performing a site Audit and the shortcomings will be noted. Your site will be crawled and analysed in several ways and the shortcomings will be noted. The TECHNICAL and other changes required will be reported to you so as to make your site more visitor as well as search engine friendly. You will have to make the necessary changes e.g. installing plugin etc. The content present will also be checked and if more content is required , you will be informed. I will also suggest inclusion of more content if required so that the keywords that are to be targeted are included. The exact topics can be found by detailed keyword research.

2)Current Keyword Analysis and Research
Complete research of keywords relevant to your industry will be done and a list of all relevant keywords and keyphrases sorted in the order of importance, for your website will be given to you. The procedure will be done for Five pages. In case you do not have content the content to be written will for 5 pages will be suggested.

3)Page Titles Optimization
The page titles will be rewritten so that the keywords that are to be targeted, after analysing the keyword research are included.The procedure will be done for Five pages.

4)Improvement of Page Meta Descriptions
The page meta descriptions will be rewritten so that that the keywords are included, it properly reflects the content on the page, and is appealing to the visitor who searches for the target terms that you are targeting. Page Descriptions are important as they are very often displayed below the Page title on the Search Result Page. The procedure will be done for Five pages.

5)Specifying the Canonical Tags [Wherever Possible and if Required]
Canonical Tags will be specified wherever possible. If it is not possible to specify the same as there is no provision in your content management system or web shop , you will be informed. It is advised that you rectify the same for best results.
The canonical tag is specified specially for websites using content management systems or e-commerce websites wherever possible to avoid duplicate content issues.

6)ALT Attributes of Images Improvement
Search engine spiders as well Text based browsers cannot read images as well as text embedded in images. We have therefore to convey the meaning of the image or enable the spiders to know about our image by use of the "ALT" attribute. The "ALT" attributes will be rewitten so that they properly reflect the content as well as include keywords wherever appropriate. The procedure will be done for Five pages.

7)Content Advice
   You will advised regarding the content to be written on each page. The procedure will be done for Five pages.

8)Content Rewriting with Targeted Keywords
   The content of the pages of your website will be rewritten with the targeted keywords which will be carefully selected for maximum benefit. You will have to provide additional content as explained above and write content with the targeted keywords supplied to you.
The maximum number of keywords as appropriate to the pages will be targeted. The aim is to maximize the traffic to your website. Optimised HTML of the content will be provided/entered after all on-page seo work is done for the page

9)H1 and H2 Tags Optimization [Wherever Required]
H1 and H2 tags will be rewritten with the targeted keywords included and relevant to the content. if no header tags are present they will be added, wherever required. The H1 and H2 optimized for Fifteen pages.

9)Internal Linking [Wherever Required]
Internal linking will be done wherever required so that visitors can check out additional related content as well as promote important content.

10)Setup of Google Analytics For Your Site [If Not yet Done]
Google Analytics will give you detailed statistics regarding your site such as Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitors, Country profile of site visitors, keywords used, referring sites, entry and exit pages, operating systems, browsers and monitor resolutions as well as several other reports. Details can be found at Configuration And Support For Google Analytics - Analyse and Track Your Web Site Traffic.

11)Creation of Webmaster Accounts for Google and Bing [If Not yet Done]
Webmaster accounts will be created for Google and Bing. Your Website will also be submitted to Google, and Bing (MSN) through webmaster tools if your site is not yet indexed by the major search engines. Yahoo uses Bing's index so there is no need to submit to Yahoo.

12) Search Engine Submissions
5 pages of your website will be manually submitted to the search engines, after the content of the pages is rewritten and optimization done - Google & Bing . Access will be required to Google Search console and Bing webmaster tools.

13) Keyword Cannibalization checking
The keyword targeting will be checked and if Keyword Cannibalization is present it will be reported along with suggestions for rectification.

14) Robots.txt File checking
Robots.txt file will be checked and changes done if required

15) Site Map Creation and Submission
XML site map will be created and submitted to the search engines

More details regarding the procedures followed in SEO are given at SEO for Small Business Websites. Huge Increase in Organic Search Traffic has been seen after the SEO package was completed.
Small business websites targeting visitors from several countries will require lots of additional effort and lots of other considerations are also involved - careful content customisation as per country, hreflang tags, technical issues and several other issues some of which are mentioned in detail in the Denmark E-Commerce Company SEO case study.

Link Building and Content Development For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

   After You have done on page SEO for all pages of the site. You will have to build links. This will also involve creating profiles at social media sites at various places to promote the content so that another webmaster can check out your content and provide a link. You will also have to write more high quality content related to the main topic of your website to attract links. For example if you manage a resort in Goa, a suitable posts would be " The 10 best beaches in Goa" , "15 Activities to Plan for When Visiting Goa" etc. You have to get editorial links as they have the greatest value.

Adding links in general purpose free for all directories, article directories, guest posting on low quality websites, Reciprocal link exchanges, link schemes are likely to get your website penalised. More details on practices NOT APPROVED by Google and Bing are mentioned in How to Choose the Best SEO Company in Goa, India.

Social Media Optimization

   Another good means of getting more traffic to your site is making your presence felt in various social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and others.
    Creating of videos illustrating your products or services and submitting to video sites such as YouTube will also prove very beneficial. You can also then embed the Youtube videos on your website. Creating a blog is also recommended.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Packages for Small businesses targeting customers Nationwide or Worldwide and E-Commerce Websites

   There are also custom packages available for small businesses targeting customers Nationwide or Worldwide (as in the travel sector) or E-Commerce websites which will require a different content strategy. Please contact Infosolutions Goa for further details.

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