Installation, Configuration and Support for Course Management Systems (Online Learning Systems)

  Course management systems are software packages designed to help educators create quality online courses and manage learner outcomes. Such e-learning systems are sometimes also called Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) . Students need only a browser to participate in a course.
   There are quite a few Course management systems. Among them Moodle, Atutor and Claroline are most popular.
  Moodle "Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment" is an open-source software which runs on any system that supports PHP. The data is generally stored in a My SQL database. The main features of Moodle are

Features Of Moodle:

  • Runs on Apache web server with PHP and My SQL
  • Assignment Module: It is Used to assign Online or offline tasks and allows electronic submission.Due dates added to course calendar
  • Chat Module:Allows "Anytime, Anywhere" communication. Chat transcripts available
  • Forum Module:Provides areas for group discussions.Can be restricted if required
  • Glossary Module:Provision for creating course dictionaries and entries can be linked to use in course
  • Lesson Module:Provides content and assess learning in one activity and Creates a series of linked pages
  • Resource Module:It is a tool for bringing content into the course in the form of Text and HMTL files, Links to webpages and Video and audio clips
  • Besides the above there are other modules like Wiki Module, Workshop Module

   The screenshot for Moodle Course Management System is given below.

Moodle - Configuration and Support

  The screenshot for ATutor Course Management Systems is shown below.

ATutor - Configuration and Support