Affordable Online Examination System With Unlimited Subjects, Questions, Question Papers and Students - Facility of Answer Book, General Mark List, Student List Generation and More ..

   The Affordable Online Examination System is a web based Examination software developed in MySQL and PHP designed to evalute the students Online and obtain the results of the examination instantly. The results are available to the examiner as soon as the student has submitted the answers. The facility is also available to record the time taken to answer the exam.
   Various reports of the examination can be generated. They include the answer book of the students, the general result, the student details, the questions list as well as the examination papers.
   Students are provided with a username and password and have to login, select the paper to answer and answer the exam. Students will only be able to answer only the papers for which they are authorised. Access will be denied for all other papers.
   Another salient feature of the affordable examination system is that it meant for users looking out for an economical online exam system. This system is priced much lower than other similar software in the market.

Password based Authentication System

   The low cost Online examination system has a password based authentication system. The passwords are encrypted and stored in form of an MD5 hash in the MySQL database. The System Administrator as well the Student can change their own passwords. In addition the administrator can edit all details of the student.


Exam Structure

   The examination consists of 50 questions of multiple choice types. The subjects have to be entered first. After which the questions are entered in the database. There are two ways of entering the questions. We can enter a single question along with the four choices from which the student has to select the answer as well as the correct answer. The other way is to prepare a CSV file with multiple questions and import the questions from it into the database.
   Text and HTML type of questions are supported. There is a provision for editing the questions later on if required.

Entering and uploading questions

Answering The Exam And Recording the Time Taken To Complete Examination

   After the student has logged in, the student has to select the paper he wishes to answer. If he is authorised to answer the paper and has not already answered the exam he will be presented the question paper.
   The time taken by the student to answer the examination paper is recorded. The starting time and the finishing times when answering the paper are recorded directly off the server so there is no possibility of any tampering with the time record.
question paper

   As soon as a students submits the answers, the answers are evaluated and the marks obtained for each question along with the answer given by the student is stored in the MySQL database.
   The examiner can get the results immediately in various formats. The general marklist, where the total marks obtained by the student in the subject is shown with red underline for below passing marks.

Affordable Online Exam - General result

   He can also view the answer sheet of each student. Besides this there is also a print friendly version of each of the above and a new feature Dynamic pdf generation of the general mark list and individual answer sheet of each student has been introduced.

answer sheet

Maintaining Student details

   Various student details are maintained by the software. They include the Roll no, First name, Last name, User name and Password.
   The software also provides a facility for editing the student details if required. Facility for authorising the student to answer the various examination papers as well as modifying and revoking the authorisations is also provided.
entering student details

Use of Mathematical Equations and Chemical Formulae in Online Examination

   Small size pictures for example mathematical and chemical equations or formulae in jpg, or png web formats can easily be integrated in the Online examination system.

   They have to be entered by entering the correct HTML code when entering the question. online exam pictures

Other Features

   This Online Exam Software in PHP and MySQL has a feature called "Student Authorisation". Unless the system admininistrator authorises the student to answer a paper, the concerned student will be unable to answer the same. Dynamic Pdf generation is another useful feature included. Pdfs can be dynamically generated for General Result, Answer Sheet, Student Details, Questions List as well as Question paper
   This system can be modified and customized to suit the need of any Educational Institutions or Training Academies. This software is particularly suited to conduct competitive exams like recruitment exams and Common Extrance Tests (CET) of various states.

Features of Affordable Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL:

  • Software Developed in PHP and MySQL and works on Apache webserver or any other server supporting PHP and MySQL. It is multi-platform compatible.
  • Questions, Subjects, Question Papers as well as Student Details can be added and edited through a simple web based interface
  • Small pictures, graphics can be included in the questions of the Online examination.
  • Password based Authentication System. Easy to Use
  • Questions, Student details, Answers given by the students and Marks obtained are stored in the MySQL database
  • Answers processed and marks awarded Instantly. Administrator can view Results immediately upon Submission.
  • The time taken by the student to answer the examination Question paper is recorded.
  • Highly cost effective and affordable. Costs much less than other similar software available. Well suited for small budgets.
  • Pdfs can be obtained of General Result, answer sheet, Student Details, Questions List as well as Question paper
  • Generation of General Mark Lists Summary (Total marks Obtained) as well as Individual Answer Sheets Generation.
  • The Affordable Online exam system has a facility for Adding, Viewing and editing students details.
  • Software well suited to conduct competitive exams like recruitment exams and Common Extrance Tests (CET)
  • Possible Customisations - Adding more Student Details, Adding More or less Questions for the Examinations, Changing Marking Scheme.