Installation Configuration and Support for Web Based Photo Galleries with Image Management

   The Photo Gallery with Image Management applications lets you store the pictures at a centralized location, it also lets you organize and tag them with relevant names, captions, description and keywords.
  They come with photo-management features that include an automatic thumbnail creation system, image resizing and rotation, ordering, captioning and searching capabilities. You can search for any photograph by its name, caption, keywords or even date.
   These Open Source applications in PHP and MySQL can be used by any organisation to store their images and retrieve them from any where if hosted on the net. Alternatively the software can be hosted on a webserver on the local network and images can be retrieved from any PC on that network.

Features of Web based Photo Galleries:

  • Open Source Software and developed in PHP and MySQL
  • Works on Apache webserver
  • Automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing and rotation
  • Captioning and searching capabilities
  • Gallery and Coppermine Photo Gallery are two of the fine examples of image management software which are web based (accessible via browser)

   The screenshot of the Gallery Image Management application is given below.

Gallery - Configuration and Support


   The screenshot of the Coppermine Photo Gallery Image Management application is given below.

Coppermine Photo Gallery - Configuration and Support