PhpGedView – PHP based Genealogy Software

   PhpGedView is one of the leading PHP based genealogy software which allows you to view and edit your family tree on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities as well full privacy protection functions. It supports multimedia like photos. There are several views of your genealogy which are available.
   Generation of pdf reports of your Descendancy as well as pedigree charts are also another highlight of this php based software. Though it runs on LAMP platform i.e. Linux, Apache web server, MySQL database and PHP, it can be configured to run on any webserver which supports PHP and MySQL.

phpGedView - pedigree tree

Menu Toolbar Options for PHPGedView

   The toolbar for PhpGedView has a large array of settings. The main options are MyGedView Portal, Charts, Lists, Anniversary Calendar, Reports, Family Tree Clippings Cart, Search and Help.
   Under the MyGedView Portal the logged in user can make changes to his account settings and the administrative user can Manage GEDCOMs and edit Privacy settings as well as admininister users and manage media files.
   There is a large array of Charts in Php MyGed View software. They include Ancestry Chart, Circle Diagram, Compact Chart, Descendancy Chart, Family Book Chart, Hourglass Chart, Interactive Tree, Lifespan Chart, Pedigree Chart, Relationship Chart, Statistics and Timeline Chart.
   The pedigree chart is one of the most popular charts in this software. It displays the relationship of an individual with his ancestors in an easy to understand format (See Screenshot above).
Phpgedview  - menu options

   Clicking on an individual on any chart brings up the individuals details. It provides all the details of the individual including place of birth and date, occupation close relatives, notes and other special events. It also displays the concerned persons family with parents as well as spouse.
Phpgedview  - individual details

   Hovering the cursor over any of the parent shows the grand parents names. Hover over the brother or sister or any childs column and you can see a list of their respective family.
   There is also a menu bar on the right on the individuals details page. This will help you get various reports connected with that individual. The complete overview is shown below.
Phpgedview  -  individual detailed view

Lists, Aniversary Calendar and Reports for PHP Ged View

   Under Lists there are comprehensive Family Lists as well as Individual List besides several others. The lists are alphabetical and you can filter the lists by persons dead, alive, alive in year, age greater than or less than 100, male, female etc.
   The Anniversary Calendar gives the anniversary listings by Day View, Month View and Year View.
   The Reports section contains a wide variety of reports like Address Labels, Address List, Birth Date and Place Report, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Death Date and Place Report, Descendancy Report, Expanded Relatives Report, Family Group Report, Individual Report, Marriage Date and Place Report, Pedigree Chart and Relatives Report.

Search and Help Options

   The search option enables you to search the database in various ways.
   The help section contains brief help as well as a wide variety of links to various help resources for Phpgedview.