Brief Guide to Installing and Configuring XAMPP portable

   First download the file xampplite-win32-1.7.2.exe from Apache Friends website. The exe file is about 28 MB in size. The version number may have changed now.
   After the download is complete click on the file specify the installation directory. It has to be a root directory for a portable installation (In my case here it is K:\) . Then click on the install button and the installation process for xampplite starts as shown below.

Installation process for xampplite

Configuring XAMPP Lite - Setting The Paths

   After the installation is complete, if you had used the exe file for your installation (There is also a zip file available which you can simply unzip into a root directory) the file setup_xampp.bat, located in the folder \xampp (In my case K:\xampplite) runs automatically.
    The first configuration Screen will ask you the question Should I add shortcuts to the startmenu/desktop? (y/n): Answer n
    Next screen will display: Should I locate the XAMPP paths correctly?
Should I proceed? (y/x=exit setup): Answer y to this question

xampplite-configuration-1 (19K)

Making XAMPP Lite Installation portable

   If we wish to make a portable installation we have to answer y to the next question. This is extremely important. You should use drive letters, if you want use services. With USB sticks you must not use drive letters.
Should I make a portable XAMPP without drive letters?
Your choice? (y/n): y
Making the xampplite installation portable

XAMPPLite Installations – Setting the Paths

   The paths are now set for the installation. After the paths are set the default time zone will be set and then we will come to the final installation screen.

xampplite-install-completion (2K)

Completing The Install and Exiting

   The final screen that is displayed is as follows:
1. start XAMPP Control Panel
2. relocate XAMPP
(current path: \xampplite)
3. disable HTTPS (SSL)
4. disable Server Side Includes (SSI)
5. enable IPv4 only (current: IPv4/6 (auto))
x Exit
Please choose (1-5/x): x
Here enter x and exit the installation. Your installation is now complete.