Services Provided - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development, Web Applications, Support for Open Source Web Applications

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

   I provide web design services for all types of websites , both static as well as dynamic websites (Using Content Management Systems such as Joomla). The dynamic websites can be made to look exactly like a static site by creating Search engine Friendly URLs if desired by you.
   I have designed and developed quite a few websites including one for a leading Maritime Academy based in Goa, India. The content development for the websites was also done. Besides this I have prepared auto running presentations in HTML .

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engine Optimisation - Analytics

   I provide professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. The search engine optimization strategy employed is strictly according to the webmaster guidelines given by the major search engines.
A Search Engine Optimisation analysis is conducted for your website which includes structure, content, accessibility to the site visitors and a lot of other factors. Based on this, recommendations are given for the Structural And Navigation Changes Required for Your Site.
The Keyword Analysis and Research of all relevant keywords and keyphrases is done and a complete list, fully sorted in the order of importance is prepared. Suggestions are given for better site layout as well as the inclusion of relevant keywords in site content. Improving your Page Titles as well as Page Description and Keywords Meta Tags is also done.
The other details provided are Submission Strategy as well as details Of large number of Web Directories, and the Effective Way To Increase Your Link Popularity. Manual Search Engine Submission to all major search engines through their respective webmaster tools is also done. I have achieved upto about 1,50,000 visitors a month (i.e. about Five Thousand Visitors a day) for one of the websites that I have worked with. Other services like Installation, configuration and support for Google Analytics, for tracking your website statistics is also provided.

Web Applications

Online Examination System

I Develop web based applications in MySQL and PHP which can be hosted on the internet or an internal server. The Online Examination System is a web based application developed in MySQL and PHP. This software has been developed an for a leading Maritime Academy based in Goa for all the courses conducted by them.

Installation Configuration and Support for Open Source Enterprise Applications

Installation Configuration and Support for Open Source Enterprise Applications

Installation, Configuration and end user support is provided for a large number of Open Source Enterprise Software. Among them are CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement like Sugar CRM) , HRM (Human Resource Management System like Orange HRM), CMS (Content Management Systems like Joomla), Groupware (like E–GroupWare and PHProjekt), Help Desk (like HelpCore), Course Management (like Moodle and A–Tutor), Blogging Applications (like Word Press), Image Management (like Gallery and Coppermine), PHP BB, Media Wiki and many other applications.

Preparation Of Courseware (HTML Format)

Courseware Preparation

I also take up the preparation of the courseware of educational institutions like schools, colleges, universities and academies. The entire Lesson Plans and Courseware for the various courses of a leading Maritime Academy located in Goa was prepared in HTML Format after converting the images into proper format and developing the content based on the material supplied by them. The job also involved scanning of the pictures, sketches etc. then digitally cleaning them and finally resizing them and converting to the required format.