Projects Done

Online Examination System

Online Examination System

The Online Examination System is a web based application developed in MySQL and PHP. This software has been developed an for a leading Maritime Academy based in Goa, India for all the courses conducted by them. It consists of different Types of Multiple Choice Questions.The answers are processed and marks awarded instantly so that the the results can be viewed immediately upon Submission.

Web Design Projects

Web Design Projects

   I have designed and developed quite a few websites including one for an international E-Book Publisher (Based in Germany), Hotel Portal, and a leading Maritime Academy based in Goa, India. The content development for the websites was also done. I provide web design services for static as well as dynamic websites (Using Content Management Systems such as Joomla).
   Besides this I have prepared auto running presentations in HTML. For details of web design projects please refer to Web Design Services - Static and Dynamic with Content Development.

SEO Projects

I have sucessfully optimized several websites ranging from Hotels and Beach Resorts in Goa to International E-Commerce website and International Motorcycle Tours website. The traffic of the websites more than doubled after the Standard Search Engine Optimization Package was completed. I have achieved upto about 1,50,000 visitors a month (i.e. about Five Thousand Visitors a day) for one of the websites that I have worked with.

Hotel Reservation (Booking) System

Hotel Reservation System

The Hotel Reservation System is an extremely simple way to keep track of the reservations in a small to medium sized hotel.
     One has just to enter the check–In date, Room number and the days of stay and the software does the rest including the generation of the booking chart. For the billing side one has to select the type of room and the number of days of stay and the rest is taken care of. Similar is the case if additional services such as laundry are to be billed. The application also generates the detailed and summary report of revenue generated under various heads, both gross as well as net.

Calibration Report Application

Calibration Report Application

The Calibration Report Application is designed so as to be able generate a report with minimal data entry. There are 26 different types of reports.Facility for batch printing of reports is available.There is also a context based help system.This application also keeps track of Customer details, Test Equipment and calibration due dates of instruments calibrated as well as test equipment. There are several other customised reports like printing of reminders to clients when the next calibration is due etc. This customised access application was developed for an instrumentation firm in Goa, India.

Customized Restaurant Management Software

Raw Materials Required Report

This is a complete restaurant management software with pilferage prevention features. It includes Billing, Inventory as well as keeps details of tables, sales by table, total number of guests, details of the Stewards and the sales effected by them.
   The Customised Restaurant Management Software helps you to prevent pilferage as it calculates the consumption of the raw materials used to prepare the various items on your restaurant menu based on your sales and then shows you the inventory of raw materials.
   It has several reports including reports of the raw materials as well as drinks below the reorder level and have to be ordered immediately.

Customized Automobile Service Station Management Software

The Automobile Service Station Management Software helps you to maintain details of your inventory, generate bills for Counter sales as well as Work orders as well as generate Job Cards. Various customised reports of the inventory are generated by the software. Additional reports can also be built into the application if required by you.
   You can also view the vehicle records, repair history and all the servicing carried out of any vehicle which was serviced at your service station. The customer, employee as well as vehicle details are also maintained.

It will also maintain the stores spare part inventory and generate invoices of sales and service. It will also generate report of all the spare parts which are in short supply and have to be ordered.
   This customised application was developed for an authorised service station of one of India's leading heavy vehicle manufacturer located along NH17 in North Goa, India.

Billing And Inventory System

Billing And Inventory System

The Billing And Inventory system can be fully customised as per your specific requirement. This software has been designed so that the user finds it extremely easy to use and requires minimum effort to use it. When making a sale one has only to enter Invoice Number, Select Products and Enter Quantity. The prices will be automatically obtained from the prices entered in the price list which can be updated as and when required.Several customised reports are available. As soon as the product quantity is equal to (or below) the reorder level which you have set for the product it will appear in the products to be ordered report. I have developed customized Billing and Inventory software for several firms in Goa.

Students Details and Courses Management Application

Students Details and Courses Management

The Students Details and Courses Management Application maintains Students Details, Marks, Courses with details of scheduling. It has a provision for generating student list for a particular course, printing the certificates of all the students who pass a particular course, generating periodical as well as final general marklists.

Sales Tracking Software

Sales Tracker Application

The Sales Tracker Application is an access application developed for a food processing factory in Goa which keeps track of orders, total sales by value and products, and shops as well as routes targeted and not targeted. Among the other reports generated by this software are sale of each product by route as well as shops, Routes as well as shops not targeted for a particular product. It also gives the report of orders of a particular day or period. This access application can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.

Material Tracking Software

Material Tracker Application

The Material Tracker Application keeps track of PC integrations including full details of Components used in each machines and repairs carried out on each machine. It has also a module to log the various service calls including the nature of the problem , the solution and when the problem was rectified. The reports include pending machine and component repairs and the PC integration detail. It has also the facility to search and trace a component by serial number to find out in which PC it was used. This Customised Access Application was developed for a PC Sales and Service firm in Goa, India.

Preparation Of Courseware (HTML Format)

Courseware Preparation

The entire Lesson Plans and Courseware for the various courses of a leading Maritime Academy based in Goa was prepared in HTML Format after converting the images into proper format and developing the content based on the material supplied by them.
The job also involved scanning of the pictures, sketches etc. then digitally cleaning them and finally resizing them and converting to the required format.

Other Customised Software That Can Be Developed

There are several other customised applications which can be developed to meet the needs of specific end-users. For example a patient Medical Records application can be developed which will maintain the medical records of the patient along with details of medical history and Treatment Given/Medicines Prescribed. Various reports as per requirement can be generated.
   Besides the above, among other applications that can be developed is a delegate registration and reporting software for various conferences, seminars, exhibitions or the like.
This customised software will maintain details of the conference, delegate details, schedule for the particular conference as well as generate various reports as per your requirement.