Online Hotel Booking Procedure in Openresort Software and Ecommerce Payment Options

   Openresort is a PHP and MySQL based ecommerce software used for Online Hotel Bookings. The software has various payment options to enable us to conduct transactions. Here a typical hotel booking transaction with Open Resort is described.

Online Hotel Booking Procedure for the Site Visitor in Openresort

   As soon as the visitor clicks on a hotel or accommodation he or she is presented with a form to check the availability of the hotel for the dates of their choice.
   Below is a screenshot showing the result of the hotel availability query for the dates entered. Open Resort - hotel availability search

   To proceed with the booking we have to click on Book Now against the resort or hotel room of our choice. If we proceed further we will get the view of the shopping cart with the hotel room entered and the amount for the days booked as shown below. Open Resort - hotel  booking cart

   On clicking book it we have to confirm the shipping and billing address, if the visitor is a registered user, otherwise the visitor will have to enter an email address as well as a physical address. After confirming or entering the required addresses, we have to click on continue to proceed further.

Payment Methods For Online Hotel Reservation

   All the payment methods for the online hotel reservation activated by you will be displayed to the vistor. Open Resort - select payment method

   As soon as we choose the payment option and proceed, the terms and conditions will be presented. On acceptance, our full transaction details will be displayed for review. Open Resort -  booking cart review

   If we choose to go forward with the transaction, we get to the Enter Credit Card Details screen where we have to enter the various credit card details and authorise payment.
   Note that this stage will take place at the payment gateway. You will be able to use Openresort only at payment gateways which support it. Open Resort - Entering credit card  details

   As soon as the transaction is completed, a message "Your purchase has been received" will appear on the page that is specified to be displayed to the visitor on completion of the transaction.