Pilferage Prevention Features – Customised Restaurant Management Software

   The customised restaurant management software helps to prevent pilferage of items as you can compare sales and the presumtive raw materials that had to be consumed with the actual stock. You can then cross check very easily against your purchases.
   To start with, we have to enter the raw materials or ingredients required in the preparation of each dish in our menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Data Entry of Materials Required for Preparation

  Data Entry of Materials Required for Preparation

This process has to be done for all the Food items on your Menu. The reports are generated for the raw materials (Ingredients) in stock by substracting the ingredients consumed as per the sales from the total stock. Another report gives you the total consumption of raw materials.
   A third report lets you know the items in short supply i.e. the item quantity is equal to less than the reorder level. The reorder levels can be set by you and updated as and when necessary.

Report of Consumption of Raw Materials by sales of dishes (Summary)

 Raw materials Consumption from sales of dishes

Other Features

   There are several other features like the cost comparison report where you can compare the purchase cost from several suppliers as shown in the screenshot below.

Cost comparisons  of Raw Materials Report

 Raw materials Cost Comparisons

Product and Category Details

The product and category details are given below.

Product and category details

 Product and Category Details