Banner Management in Joomla Content Management System

   This is a brief idea of managing advertisement banners and clients in Joomla CMS. Joomla provides us the facility to display advertisement banners via the core module banners.
   The default banner size is 468 pixels in width and 60 pixels in height. The banner can be placed anywhere in the web page as desired by you. The placement being decided by the template and more precisely by the position "banner" in the template. You can also choose which pages you want to display the banner by changing the settings in the module manager. The banners are displayed on rotation basis and the number of impressions made and clicks are recorded.

Adding Clients for Banner Ads

   Before any banner is uploaded we have to add a client. Clients for banner advertisements can be created by navigating to Components > Banners > Manage Clients. The Banner Client Manager is then displayed.
Joomla - Banner Client Manager

  Click on New to add a Client or select a client and click Edit to edit existing client details. Joomla - Editing Banner Client Details

Uploading a new Banner in Joomla

   By default banners are stored in the "\images\banners folder" . To upload a new banner we have to get to the Joomla control panel and click on Media Manager. From the media manager we have to browse to the folder banners, locate the file upload box and click on browse. You can then select the banner to be uploaded from your computer and upload it. Joomla - Media Manager

Adding a New Banner In Joomla

   To add a new banner we have to go to the components menu and select Manage Banners from the Banners sub menu. Here we can add a new banner or edit an existing banner. For creating a new banner we have to select the client as well as the banner and enter the name of the banner, impressions purchased and URL that the banner will lead to on clicking it.
   Before adding a new banner we have to upload it as explained in the previous section. For editing existing banner details we have to select a banner and click on edit. Joomla - Editing Existing Banner Details

Banner Manager

   The banner manager is the central point to add and edit banners in Joomla. Here you can view the various banners the impressions purchased as well as remaining, the number of clicks and the click through rate. Joomla - Banner Manager

Features of Joomla Banner Manager:

  • Facility to add or edit banners and clients, set the number of impressions via a simple browser based interface.
  • Facility to choose the pages where banner is to be displayed.
  • Banners are displayed on rotation basis.
  • The position of the banner on the page can be specified.
  • Record kept of Impressions remaining, the number of clicks and the click through rate