More Options for Banner Management in Joomla Content Management System

   ArtbannersXTD is a specialized banner component and module which provides additional options for managing banners in Joomla.
   Besides the options found in the banner component that is built in Joomla, we can specify different categories of banners. We can choose which banners are to be displayed as well as their categories. Just as in the default banner component, in Artbanners XTD also all the specified banners are displayed on a rotational basis.

Joomla - Art Banners XTD

Display Options in ArtBanners XTD

   The are several additional options here. We can specify the start date, end date as well as the days of the week that we wish to display a particular banner as well as the hours of the day. We can also select the type of banner.
Joomla - Artbanners Schedule Display