HelpDesk Management in Joomla Content Management System With Webamoeba Ticket system

   WebAmoeba Ticket system is an elegant help ticket management system for Joomla. Here authorised users can submit help tickets to the help desk and designated users can reply to them. Various groups of users can be designated with different levels of access. The heart of the system is the control panel.

The Webamoeba Control Panel

   For ease of navigation a quick link bar is present at the top of every control panel screen. This helps in moving rapidly from one item to the other directly without going to the control panel home page. The right side of the Web Amoeba control panel displays some useful statistics.
Joomla - Webamoeba ticket system control panel

   The various items on the control panel are configuration, CSS which gives us the ability to edit the css to change the display, User Manager, Rites Manager, Category Manager, Ticket Viewer and Database Maintenance.

Configuring the Webamoeba Help Ticket System in Joomla

   In the configuration section, we can set various options like number of tickets to be displayed on the front page as well as on an inside page, the date format, language and iconset. If you require users to accept any agreement before they can use the system it can also be setup here. There is also a provision for email notification to the specified person who is authorised to answer the help desk tickets.

Adding Users to the Help Desk System

   To add users we have to click on User Manager on the Webamoeba control panel and then click New on the screen that appears.
Joomla - Webamoeba ticket System User Manager

   We can then select the users from the users that are registered in Joomla and add them to various groups specified by us in the Rites manager.

Rites Manager – Assign Rights To Various User Groups in Help Ticket System

   The Rites Manager is so called as it assigns access rights to the various users in the web amoeba ticket system with which we can manage our Joomla based help desk system. The default group User has permission to submit a make a new ticket, View tickets submitted by him, as well as to reply, close and delete the tickets submitted by him.
Webamoeba ticket System - Rites Manager

   The rights for the various user groups can be assigned using rites matrix. We can also assign different rights to the group for different categories of tickets. The screenshot of the rites manager is shown below.
Webamoeba ticket System - Assign user rights using Rites Matrix

Categories In Webamoeba Help Ticket System

   Categories help us to organise the tickets in a better way. We can also use the category system in order to assign an individual to take care of the help tickets of a particular category. Under categories we can add new categories as well as edit existing ones.

Ticket Viewer

   Ticket viewer displays all the help tickets in our system and their status. On clicking a particular ticket all the posts can be viewed. Here in the administration area tickets can only be viewed.
   We have to log in in from the front end of the site with appropriate rights to be able to reply or perform any other action on them.
Webamoeba ticket viewer

   The screenshot of a help ticket in the Joomla based help desk system is shown below. Webamoeba help ticket

Submitting a New Ticket

   To submit a new ticket the user authorised to use the help desk has to login first. After logging in he has to click on the help ticket option in the menu and he will be taken to the help desk home page.
   Here he can view all the tickets submitted by him. He can also submit a new ticket by clicking on "Submit New Ticket" , then selecting a category and entering a ticket name and finally entering their query.
Webamoeba ticket System - Submitting Help Ticket

Replying To A Ticket

   Replying and managing the tickets is also done through the Joomla front end. When the user with the requisite permissions logs in and and navigates to the help desk home page he is shown a listing of all tickets for which he has the rights to manage as shown in the screenshot below.
Managing help desk tickets

   He is also shown a listing of the users below. If he has full administrative privileges he can add users as well as edit or delete existing users. After the ticket is closed the administrator will have an option to delete the ticket.

Features of Webamoeba Joomla Helpdesk Ticket Management System:

  • Facility to add or edit help ticket categories, user Groups, Users, set the appropriate permissions for each group via a simple browser based interface.
  • Facility to allot a particular category or categories to a particular induvidual for replying to queries.
  • Submitting a new ticket as well as replying to and managing tickets done through the Joomla front end.
  • Complete support, installation and configuration is provided for Joomla integrated with a help desk system anywhere in Goa, India as well as accross the world.