Preparation Of Courseware –– More Details

Preparation Of Courseware – Converting the text, Extracting, Cleaning and Resizing the images

  These are the further details of the preparation of the Lesson Plans and Courseware for the various courses of a leading Maritime Academy based in Goa, India
   In the case of the Catering the courseware material was given in *.doc format and the indexes of certain section had to be prepared.The images had to be extracted from the document and were cleaned, resized and converted into proper format. Finally everything was put together in HTML Format.

Preparation Of Courseware (HTML Format) – Word Files With Embedded Images: File Size: 300MB

Preparation Of Courseware_Word Files With Embedded Images

Preparation Of Courseware (HTML Format) – HTML Files After Conversion With Optimised Images: File Size: 6 MB

Preparation Of Courseware_HTML Files After Conversion With Optimised Images