Forums and Blogs in Drupal

   Drupal is an ideal Content Management System for running your forum or blog. The comments to the blogs or forum post are enabled by default, but can be turned off if required.

Forums in Drupal CMS

   To begin with we have to first configure the forums by going to Administer > Content management > Forums. We have to define a container first to hold a set of forums and then define the forums.

Drupal  - Creating a container for a forum

After we have created a container we can then define the forums that will be placed inside a parent container by defining the container as the root. In the example shown above the container is Computers and the forums in the container are Computers edit container Drupal, Joomla and Linux. To change the display settings of the forums we have to click on Settings tab and make the necessary changes as shown in the screenshot below. Joomla - Editing Forum Settings

Blogging With Drupal

   Drupal was originally developed as a blogging engine and blogging remains one of the key features even today. Drupal's blogging system is so designed so as to provide multiple users to have their own blogs in Drupal. However if you wish you can setup the system in such a way so as to permit only one user to have a blog. The number of posts on a page is determined by the settings on Content management > Post settings. Post Settings in Drupal