Affordable Online Examination System Features - Adding & Editing Subject Details, Generating Pdfs

Viewing, Entering and Editing Subject Details

   The subject details can be viewed by clicking on the View Subjects link in the Subject Administration.
viewing  subject Details

   Details of a new subjects can be added via the Add Subject link. entering subject details

   Similarly details of an existing subject can be edited by clicking on Edit Subject link and on the page that is displayed we can select the subject whose details are to be edited.

Generating Pdfs Dynamically

      There are several reports in the Affordable Online Exam system that are generated dynamically. Besides the normal reports, there are printer friendly versions as well as pdf reports that are generated dynamically.
   Below is a screenshot of a dynamically created report in pdf format of an individual student's answer Sheet.
   Pdf Report of Answer Sheet

Reports Generated by Affordable Online Examination System:

  • General MarkList
  • Answer Book of Individual Student
  • List of Questions For A Particular Subject
  • All Questions Papers With Their Correct Answers
  • Student Details Report (Batch Wise)