Frequently Asked Questions About Affordable Online Examination System

Q1)   What are the differences between the Affordable Online Examination and the Customized Online Examination?
    The main differences are
A. Trends Graphs are NOT AVAILABLE
C. Maximum Number Of Questions in a Single Question Paper is 50
D. Only One type of Multiple Choice Questions Supported namely Choose the correct answer. See Below for an example of the same.
Affordable Examination - Type of questions

  E. The system is fully dynamic – The questions and answers as well as the answers given the students are all stored in the MySQL database.
F. There is NO RANDOMIZATION of Questions in the Affordable Exam System.
Besides the above, there are a few more more differences between the two systems.The Affordable Online Exam is a low cost Examination System. The Customized System will be developed as per your exact requirement and will be priced as per features required. There is no ready version of Customized Online Examination available.

Q2)   Can the Affordable Online Examination be upgraded to the Customized Online Examination?
    NO. The two systems are developed totally differently. A few customizations can however be done for the Affordable Online Exam like number of questions in each paper, Adding support for multiple languages, the marking scheme etc.
In case you require such customizations please contact Infosolutions Goa with your specific requirements.    However it may not be possible to add certain features to the Affordable Online Examination.

Q3)  Can the Affordable Online Examination support multiple languages?
    Currently the Affordable Online Examination supports English only. If you require support for other Indian languages it can be provided in the core system by modifying and customizing the system. In this case the user will have to download and install the regional language fonts in their systems.

Q4)   If I want to delete the questions I have to do it through PhpMyAdmin. Why has the facility to delete questions not provided in the user Interface?
    This has been done on purpose. Once the questions have been included in the question papers and the papers have been answered by students, the answers of those questions given by students have been stored in the database. If you delete such questions it will lead to errors. A direct editing facility for the questions has been provided so that you can correct any errors.

Q5)   What are the new features added?
    Lots of new features have been added. They include:
1. List of Examination batches and number of students in each batch
2. List of Student batches and number of students in each batch
3. Timer for exam paper so that the student can see the time elapsed
4. Facility to add more than One Administrator
5. Facility to view all the registered students in the System
6. Delete button to delete details of any student.(Will be activated if you require it)
7. The date the student taken the test is now shown in the general mark List
8. The time duration of the Question paper has been added
9. The drop down menu has been added to show all the batches which have created so that selecting a batch to select students for editing details, selecting batch for editing authorisation, viewing student details as well as selecting batch for deleting student

Q6)   In the question, you don?t have question number 17 and jump to question 18, I don?t find a way to edit the questions number?
    The question IDs are allocated directly by the system (MySQL database automatically) and are not user editable. The Question nos appear in the paper depending on the questions selected when creating the question paper. For example if you select a question with ID 56 as your question 1 it will be displayed as quest 1 in the quest paper.

Q7)   What If need only 50 questions for this subject, but in this subject you have more than 50 questions (which have been entered as sample data while installing the system), I edited 50 questions I need, but I can?t find a way to delete the other question than I don?t need?
    Questions can be deleted by using PhpMyadmin (the database admin panel). The questions that are not part of any question paper are only visible to the administrator. In the current version, the sample data is not installed by default.

Q8)  I have tried to upload multiple questions using a CSV file, after I click on send file, I can see that the file is already uploaded. How can I put these questions into the subjects?
    The questions are alloted to the paper as per the subject id you enter in the csv file (page 12 and 13 of the User manual - You are strongly advised to read the manual throughly at least once)

Q9)  Can you see the Tamil Question I added in question 52?
    Regional Languages are not supported by the online examination system. The source code can be modified to do this but then you will be able to use this copy for either English or Tamil. If you want to use this copy for both you can create small graphics of Tamil questions and answers in gif format as illustrated for the maths paper. The same applies to languages using Devanagri Script (Konkani, Marathi, Hindi ).
Instructions can be given by you in Tamil on a separate web page however you will require a freeware Tamil font such as those provided by Bharat Basha which you can offer for download.
   In case you want the system to be customised to use for English and Tamil or any other regional Language simultaneously the system can be customised to meet your requirements. Please contact with your requirements.

Q10)   Can you change the header to include my logo also instead of just Online Examination System?
    Your logo can be added if you have opted for the installation and configuration inclusive package.

Q11)   I am also still not sure about the Question Paper Code for what to create it and when to use it?
    The question paper code is created whenever a new paper is created. This is necessary as there may be multiple question papers for a single subject.

Q12)   I also still have to figure out how to Authorize a student to take the test?
   To authorise a student we have to click on Authorise Students under the under the Student Admin section of the menu. The student authorisation form is then displayed. We have to enter the question paper code of the paper for which we are authorising the student. The roll number of the student, the Exam Registration Number and Exam Batch have also to be added.
    The Registration Number is Unique. The Question Paper Code, Exam Registration Number and Exam Batch have a Maximum 10 Characters. After entering all the necessary information we have to click on submit.

   More FAQ's will be added shortly.

List Of Features – Affordable Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL

  1. Software Developed in PHP and MySQL and works on Apache webserver with PHP 5 and MySQL 5.
  2. Running Sucessfully Online on Apache Web Server with PHP 5.2.9 and MySQL 5.0.x (Linux Hosting).
  3. Tested on Apache Web Server 2.2.12 with PHP 5.3.0 and MySQL 5.1.37 .
  4. Comprehensive Documentation Provided to install as well as use the system.
  5. Source code of the software Provided.
  6. Unlimited Questions, Subjects, Question Papers as well as Student Details can be added and edited through a simple web based interface. Maximum Questions in a single question paper is 50.
  7. Small pictures, graphics can be included in the questions of the Online Examination.
  8. Password based Authentication System.
  9. Fully Dynamic System. Questions, Answers, Student details, Answers given by the students and Marks obtained are stored in the MySQL database
  10. Answers processed and marks awarded Instantly. Administrator can view Results immediately upon Submission.
  11. The time taken by the student to answer the examination Question paper is recorded.
  12. Highly cost effective and affordable. Costs much less than other similar software available.
  13. Pdfs can be obtained of General Result, answer sheet, Student Details, Questions List as well as Question paper.
  14. Generation of General Mark Lists Summary (Total marks Obtained) as well as Individual Answer Sheets Generation.
  15. The general mark lists have the time taken by the student to answer as well the date on which the Question Paper was answered.