Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services - Increase Your Web Traffic Now

   Search engine optimization is the most cost effective tool to promote your products and services. More visitors to your website mean greater visibilty for your products or services and more sales.

   I provide professional Search Engine Optimization services. The SEO service provided is highly efficient, affordable as well cost effective. The search engine optimization strategy employed is strictly according to the webmaster guidelines given by the major search engines. I will ensure that the most effective search engine optimization strategy is employed so that your website gets the best possible placement in the internet search engine results.

I have managed to get extremely good results for all the websites that I have worked with including e-commerce websites, German motorcycle tour operator (English and German websites), technical sales and services and hotel websites.

SEO – Most Cost Effective Online Sales Promotion Tool

   Search Engine Optimization is a very cost effective way to advertise your products and Services. Just look at the screenshot below of a small section of the keywords search for the purpose of SEO analysis.

Keyword analysis and research

If you opt for advertising on the side of the search results you will have to pay the stated amount every time someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.
   For example if you advertise on the words "Cheap flights to Goa", your advertisement will appear along side the said search and every time someone clicks on your ad you will have to pay Rs76.41. So for just 100 visits to your website you will have to pay Rs7,641. All the sites I have worked with have had a huge increase of visits per month soon after optimization. .

What is SEO?

   SEO is the process of improving the content of your site so that the words which the internet users may use to search the site are present in the website and are naturally integrated within the flow of the web page. Search Engine Optimization is also the process of making sure that all the pages of the website are easily accessible. During SEO we have to make sure that the Title as well as the page descriptions, and all the ALT tags (for images) present on the page are descriptive as well as accurately reflecting the content. It is also about providing a better user experience for the site visitors.
   I will briefly explain some of the various things that will be done for optimising your website.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis for your Website

   To begin with a Website Technical and On-Page SEO Audit is done for your website. This includes all the possible on-Page as well as technical parameters for your site- The structure, content, accessibility to the site visitors and search engines, size of each page, website speed, canonical issues, whether a CMS is employed, facility to enter customised title, descriptions and URLS as well as a host of other factors detailed on the Website Audit page.

After the basic SEO work as detailed in the Kickstarter SEO package has been completed for all pages of your website and a few months have passed you can have a second audit which will check your search engine placement, your competitors search engine rankings for the targeted keywords as well as several other factors.

SEO Analysis - Structural And Navigation Changes Required For Your Site

   Your site will be analysed and internal link structure and navigation will be noted. The site should allow the visitors to access all the menu items on your menu. If your menu has 50 items and they scroll past the height of the page, it is useless to the visitors as the items which are beyond a certain point will not be accessible. Likewise the most important pages in your site have to be easily reachable by site visitors.
   I will also make a full study of the internal site navigation of your site and recommend the most beneficial site structure as bad internal navigation will affect your search engine ranking. Also the way the search engine reads your page will also be noted. This is accomplished by the use of a text based browser such as Lynx to view your site as most search engine spiders view websites in a similar fashion.
   As an example see the screenshot below of the display of a page of this website in Lynx. All these factors and more will be observed and a report will be prepared along with the recommendations for rectifying the same.

Search Engine's View Of Web page

Current Keyword Analysis and Research Relevant To Your Site

   Keyword analysis and research plays a very important in organic search engine optimisation. Organic search engine optimization is optimizing the content, metatags, site structure of your site so that your website will naturally be placed high enough in the Search Results of the major search engines when the keywords appropriate to your website are searched for. The keyword as well as key phrases analysis and research will be done by me and you will have a complete list, fully sorted in the order of importance of all relevant keywords and keyphrases for your industry.
   Keyword Research is extremely important in SEO. Unless the web page that you are trying to rank for has the keywords that the visitors use to search, your site will never appear in the search results for those words.. The only exception to this being if you get a link with the anchor text having the words being searched for from a high domain authority website like BBC, CNN etc. which is extremely rare.

Better Layout Suggestions And The Inclusion Of Target Search Terms In your Website Content

   The presence of the targeted keywords in your web pages play a very important role in SEO. I will make suggestions for better site layout as well as the inclusion of relevant keywords on each page of your site. This will ensure that each page of your site will get a good position in the search results for all search engines. I will also suggest inclusion of more content so that the keywords that are to be targeted are included.
   The guidelines of the major search engines clearly state that we have to make sure that the words which users may use to search our page are included in the content of our web pages.
   I will also rewrite the content of your website so that the keywords that are to be targeted are included. The keywords will be included in such a way that your content and flow will appear natural and pleasing to the site visitor. This procedure will be done for the important pages of the site. The number of pages will depend on the package selected by you.

Content Development for SEO of the Website

   If required by you, I also can rewrite the content of all the pages of your website based on the core content given by you so that the targeted keywords are included, the content is free from spelling and grammatical errors and the presentation style is improved. I will also ensure that your content along with the added keywords is presented in a very pleasing and natural way to the site visitor.
   Suggestions will also be given to you if more content as well as pictures are required and the same will be added after duly rewriting with consideration to keywords and presentation.

Importance of Title Tag, Description and Canonical Tags in Search Engine Optimisation

   If you select View Page source when viewing any web page in your browser, you can view the meta tags as well as the Title Tag. The title tag is very important in search engine optimisation as search engines use it as the primary means of determining the topic of your web page.
   The description meta tag is also displayed very often below the title in the search result and the internet users may use it to determine whether they wish to visit your site.
   The meta keywords tag now has no importance to search engines like Google and Bing. In addition, the other major search engine Yahoo uses Bing's search index to display results. In the US, Google had 69% market share whereas Bing & Yahoo combined had 29%
   Besides these another important tag, specially for content management systems that are prone to have multiple urls displaying the same content is the Canonical tag. This tag is also included in the header of the web page. For example:
<link rel="canonical" href="" />
The canonical tag specifies the preferred url from among the group of urls that display the same or nearly same content. Websites having multiple copies of the same content on many urls could be penalised for duplicate content.

Display in search results

Below is a screenshot displaying the description, keywords and canonical tags along with the title tag. View of Meta Tags and Title Tag

Improvement of Page Titles and Page Description Tags

   I will analyse your content as well as the targeted keywords and suggest Page Titles and Page descriptions for your website. The page titles will be rewritten so that the keywords that are to be targeted are included, after analysing the keyword research. The selection of keywords will be done so as to optimize the results.
   The page descriptions will be written so that the keywords are included, and it properly reflects the content on the page, and is appealing to the visitor who searches for the target terms that you are targeting. Page Descriptions are important as they are very often displayed below the Page title on the Search Result Page. (As in the Screenshot below).
   Rewriting of Page Titles and Descriptions will be done for the important pages of your site.
   If required by you, I also can rewrite the titles as well as descriptions for all pages of your website.
Page Title and description in Search Engine Result

Improvement ALT Attributes

   Search engine spiders as well Text based browsers cannot read images as well as text embedded in images. It is therefore necessary to convey the meaning of the image or enable the spiders to know what our image is about by use of the "ALT" attribute. The "ALT" attribute for the images (pictures and graphics) on the page will be rewritten so that they properly reflect the content as well as include keywords if appropriate .
   This procedure will be done for for some of the important pages of your site.

Analysis of a Hyperlink (Link)

   Typically a hyperlink consists of two parts

  • The URL (Uniform Resource Locator). URL indicates the address of the website pointed to by your link
  • The Anchor (Link) Text. The text that is visible to you in the Web browser and is usually underlined and (or) is of a different color than the surrounding text is called the Anchor text.

   The hyperlink in HTML code is shown in the figure below

Analysis of a Hyperlink

   In the above case the search engine will consider that the page installation-configuration-joomla.html is relevant to the term "Joomla Installation and Configuration". Hyperlinks have to be created in such a way so that relevant keywords are included in the link text as far as possible.


Regional and Niche Web Directories

   Regional and Niche directories, offering one way SEO friendly permanent links or listings (although decreased in importance now) are still a way of improving your rankings in Search Engines. You can submit your site URL along with an appropriate Title (Anchor Text) and Description for inclusion in their directory. General directories that are free for all have no value now and it is a recommended practice not to submit to them. However Regional and other specialized topic directories still hold some importance for SEO.

The Effective Way To Increase Your Link Popularity

   A complete linking strategy will be given to you which will help you to link to other relevant sites in your industry. A complete competitor analysis will also be done for the top 10 competitors for your main set of keywords. This will help you study the linking strategy of your competitors and enable you to better it. From this you will also get an idea how to get additional links. You will also be advised regarding a suitable strategy to improve your link popularity further.

Use of Social Media Optimisation to get More Traffic

   Useful tips and suggestions will be given to you to take advantage of social bookmarking, news aggregation as well as several others. Suggestions will also be given to you to submit your site and or include the link of your site in Trade Directories as well as other Industry specific sites. As an example Wiki Travel allows hotels to include links to their websites.
   Social Bookmarking works on the principle that if one user likes your site and bookmarks it using the social bookmarking tools, several other users on the same network may visit your site using the bookmark placed by the first user and may also bookmark it themselves. The use of such tools will help you increase your website traffic.

Use of Google Analytics To Track Your Web Site Traffic

   An excellent package to track your website statistics is Google Analytics. It offers various reports like referring keywords both paid as well as organic, referring websites, page views, visits (sessions), unique visitors, pages viewed, operating systems, browsers and monitor resolutions, desktop and mobile visits, the countries to which the site visitors belong as well as several other reports.Full details of these reports is given in the section Google Analytics Setup And Configuration. Web site hit tracking enables us to make changes to the web site to improve the accessibility of the website and increase website traffic. A Screenshot of a visitors overview report is shown below.

Google Analytics - Track your Web Statistics

SEO Packages

   Various Search Engine Optimization packages are provided. Affordable Web design and development Packages are also available along with SEO. To select the SEO package that meets your requirement please refer to SEO packages.

Features of Professional SEO Services:

  • SEO strategy employed is strictly as per webmaster guidelines given by the major search engines. Only ethical search engine optimization techniques are followed.
  • Excellent results obtained with all websites worked with
  • Conducting a Website SEO Audit (Search Engine Optimisation analysis) for your website
  • Recommendations for Structural And Navigation Changes Required For Your Site
  • Keyword Analysis and Research along with a complete list, fully sorted in the order of importance of all relevant keywords and keyphrases relevant To Your Site
  • Suggestions for better site layout as well as ways to include the relevant keywords in your content will be provided.
  • Improving your Page Titles as well as Page Description Meta Tags
  • Improving your ALT Tags so that they accurately describe the image or graphic.
  • Manual Search Engine Submission to all major search engines is provided at no extra cost.
  • Other services like Installation, configuration and support for Google Analytics, for tracking your website statistics is also provided.
  • I provide Search Engine Optimization Services within Goa, India as well as anywhere across the world. (Via the Internet) .