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SEO Services

   I am a leading SEO Consultant in Goa, India with more than 15 years of experience and provide efficient as well cost effective Search Engine Optimization Services for all types of websites including small business websites. The SEO services are strictly in accordance with the webmaster guidelines given by the major search engines.
Extremely good results have been obtained for all the websites that I have worked with in various sectors including a hotel web portal for two 3-Star hotels and Instrumentation and calibration company based in Goa, India, German Tour Operator, UAE based LLC supplying industrial motors and marine parts, Denmark based manufacturer and e-commerce operator targeting several countries and languages and many more.
An enormous number of websites have reported huge increases in traffic (300% plus) after SEO was done. For example I have increased the website traffic of an international motorcycle tour company by more than 400% after SEO was done.

You can improve your search engine ranking at very affordable cost by the use of organic search engine optimization. For example SEO for Plumbers details the process of optimizing a plumber website after the SEO Audit has been completed. For more details please refer to SEO Packages.
Besides English, I have also done the SEO for a German language website with unparalled results.

I have also done the SEO for a Danish language website as well and obtained excellent results - with a huge increase in search traffic after technical SEO was done and just 7 pages of website optimised.
(See testimonial later given by the CEO of the Denmark based company).
I am confident of getting equally mind blowing results for SEO in several other languages like Portuguese, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Italian as well and already have experience with international seo and keyword research for many languages.
In case you are interested and want to know the process of how to shortlist good SEO companies and consultants, recommended practices, search engine guidelines and what to avoid you can read all about it in How to choose the best SEO Company in Goa .
   An SEO Audit is also provided at the start of a new project. The recommendations provided will enable you to make the necessary changes (Technical, On-Page and Content) so as to improve you website and increase rankings. Keyword Cannibalization, the occurrence of multiple pages appearing in search results but lower will also be checked and you will be informed of ways to rectify the problem so that your strongest and most appropriate page appears in the search result and as high as possible.

I also provide installation, configuration and support for Google Analytics which analyses Web Traffic and provides Web Statistics for a range of parameters like Referring Web Sites, Referring Keywords, Total Visits, Page Views, Unique Visitors, Pages viewed by Title as well as URL, Visitors Location Information and several others.
I am active in several leading websites and blogs including Moz and Quora and a large number of my comments and answers are well appreciated by SEO experts as well as the community.

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International Search Engine Optimization Services - Multlingual SEO Targeting Different Countries

International SEO is the process of making changes to your website or a group of websites with appropriate ccTLDs so that search engines like Google and Bing can easily identify the countries and languages you wish to target. This will also enable the search engines to display the proper version of the page as per the language and the country targeted. Besides eliminating the problem of duplicate content when you use exactly the same content in more than one website. For example a business in Goa, India wants to target several countries in Europe and North America, or a UK based business wants to target several countries and languages in Europe.

I am familiar with various apects of International SEO as well as multilingual SEO like hreflang tags, ccTLDs, keyword Research for multiple languages and customising content for different countries and territories.
For example I have worked with a multilingual and multinational websites targeting several countries with different languages and more than two countries with English. The website of a Denmark based company targeted several countries with websites in Danish, English (UK and US), Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Spanish and Italian.
Firstly an SEO audit was done to detect the technical flaws in the website and the same was corrected. The hreflang tags were checked and corrected. Keyword Cannibalization was checked and the keywords mapped to the proper pages for correct targeting. Detailed keyword research was done for multiple languages.
Based on the keyword research, the client provided the content. I checked the content, polished it by removing errors and rewriting it wherever required, wrote part of the content to fill gaps and optimized the content in English. After the content was translated, I have made sure that the content was customised for the targeted language and checked for proper keyword usage and wrote myself the title tags in the language of the website.

Difficulty of Keywords and Total Traffic Obtained

I have ranked Client websites in the first page for several keywords which have a traffic of more than ten thousand a month and have obtained total traffic of more than a hundred thousand a month for multiple websites. (see screenshots below)

Keyword traffic and search volume

Keyword Clicks Obtained for High Search Volume Keywords

E-Commerce Website Monthly Traffic Over 129 Thousand

Total Monthly Traffic - Over 129 Thousand Sessions (Visits)

What Clients Say

Peter Paulo Dos Santos, Managing Director of Peter's Classic Bike Adventure Tours® Pvt. Ltd (Cyprus)

Dear Joseph,
I am very excited, your SEO work really pays off ! Great job !!!

Websites worked with: (In German) and (In English)

Peter Paulo Dos Santos, Managing Director of  Peter's Classic Bike Adventure Tours® Pvt. Ltd (Cyprus)

Offer Dan, CEO of JMband Denmark

Joseph from Infosolutions Goa is a real professional when it comes to SEO.
Highly intelligent, very dedicated, does not compromise and goes down to the finest details when it comes to his work.
It was not always easy to work with Joseph because he demanded from us his high standards which were sometimes hard to live up to.
We are very pleased with the results Joseph delivered and can definitely recommend Joseph for any company that wants a boost in their SEO.

Websites worked with: (In Danish) and (In English)

Offer Dan, CEO of  JMband Denmark

Google Adwords Optimization Services

I also provide Google Adwords optimization services as well for other PPC services like Bing Ads. Complete setup is done along with keyword research and selection, writing the ads and optimizing the landing page by rewriting it with the keywords being targeted so as to improve your quality score.
Quality score is very important as it will mean that you pay lesser for each click as well as enable your ad to be displayed higher. The highest quality score is 10 and as you can see in the screenshot below I have obtained a perfect 10 for a lot of keywords, that too for a campaign in the German language. I have obtained excellent results with all adwords accounts I have worked with including one in German. (The proof reading of the German Ads was done by my client since I have no knowledge of German).

Google Adwords Optimization for German  website

Affordable Web Design and Development Services

   I provide Affordable Web Design and Development Services for static as well as dynamic web sites (Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress) and e-commerce websites (Woocommerce, Prestashop). Some of the features of Web Design and development are Customised Page Titles accurately reflecting your content for each page of your web site. This feature will help your website rank better in the search Engines. Another feature of my web design and development is that a fully CSS table-less layout will be used, which is also another Search engine as well as visitor friendly feature as it provides for easy accessibility. Another feature of Web Design and Development is responsive web design which means your website will display correctly on any device it is acccessed from be it desktop, laptop, mobile , tablet or phablet. In case you would like to update your website by yourself, I also provide dynamic web design using Joomla.
   I have designed and developed quite a few websites including those for Hotels based in Goa, India, Calibration & Instrumentation company, German election website, Industrial and Marine products sales and service in the UAE and several others. Besides English, Websites were also developed in German and French.

Joomla Web Development

Complete development of a Joomla Content Management System based website is taken up. This includes development of a Simple customised template, Installation, Configuration, and entering of the content. Joomla website maintenence which includes updating Joomla CMS as well as content and taking backups can also be provided, in case required on completion of website development.

The dynamic websites created using Joomla can be made to look exactly like a static website by creating Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs if desired by you. Several extensions can also be installed along with Joomla for additional functionality.

E-Commerce Website Development with Prestashop

  Development of E-commerce websites using Prestashop is also done. Prestashop is a leading open source shopping cart (developed in PHP and MySQL) which is SEO friendly. Though Prestashop is SEO friendly, we have tweaked it a bit more by changing the code - we have removed the site name that is automatically added to the browser page title and also added the display of canonical url instead of displaying the meta keywords tag, which is now obsolete.
You can easily organize your categories, products, and attributes. Product attributes can be size, color, and etc. You can also have product combinations e.g. two paint boxes green, four paint boxes green, two paint boxes yellow and so on. As soon as a customer clicks on the different combination , the picture in the picture box can be changed, the price changes as per the displayed product. The number of categories, products and attributes that you can display and sell in your store are limited only by your imagination.
Prestashop allows you to display as many product photos as you like. The customer can also get an enlarged view by clicking on the displayed product photo. A built in Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily edit pages of content, upload images, specify the page title, description meta tag, seo friendly url, tags and more. You can also create pages for your contact, company, and policy information through the PrestaShop back office. A slide show module gives you the option to highlight any number of products you want on your home page.
Prestashop supports numerous payment gateways such as DirecPay, Authorize.Net, Skrill, PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro (Direct), CC Avenue and 2CO. Business owners can install a desired payment option easily. Bank Wire, COD and Cheque payment module are also supported by Prestashop.

Prestashop E-Commerce website screenshot

Website Development Using Wordpress and Drupal

   Dynamic website development can also be taken up using Wordpress or Drupal. In the case of Wordpress, the website can be developed as a blog or as a regular website. Several customisations are possible including customised page titles, customised theme, custom menus as well as customizing the widgets and choosing which widgets get displayed on the side bar. You can also choose to disable comments on all pages as well as posts. Another useful facility is to have a static page as a home page of your website. This facility is useful if you want to develop your Wordpress based website as a regular website and not as a blog.
Below is a screenshot of a custom Wordpress theme. Wordpress   website development

   Drupal allows the greatest degree of customisation among the popular content management system as PHP code can also be entered along with HTML in the required web pages. The look and the feel of a Drupal based site can be changed via "themes". Although Drupal is best suited for websites that require a high level of interactivity they can also be used equally efficiently for general dynamic sites as well as ecommerce websites using Ubercart which is the most popular Drupal E-Commerce extension.

Other Projects Done

I also develop efficient, easy to use and cost effective web applications in MySQL and PHP which can be hosted on the internet or an internal webserver on the local network.
   I have designed and developed an Online Examination System a web application in PHP and MySQL for a leading Maritime Academy located in Goa, India for all the courses conducted by them. This is run from an In–House Apache Webserver on their internal network.

Online Examination System


  • Software Developed in PHP/MySQL
  • Works on Apache Webserver
  • Question Paper consists of Random( or fixed) selection Of Questions
  • Proper Weightage to Various Topics
  • General Mark Lists and Individual Answer Sheets Generation
  • Trends Graph Generation
Trends Graph

More Details of the Online Examination System

   I provide installation and configuration for a large number of GNU/GPL Enterprise web Applications (Open Source Software).
Among them are CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement like Sugar CRM) , HRM (Human Resource Management System like Orange HRM), CMS (Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress which allow for quick creation and management of websites),
Groupware (like E–GroupWare and PHProjekt), Help Desk, Online Learning Systems and Course Management (like Moodle and ATutor), Blogging Applications (like Wordpress), Image Gallery with Image Management (like Gallery and Coppermine), PHP BB, Media Wiki and many other applications.

Installation and Configuration for various other PHP and MySQL based web applications can also be provided. These applications require PHP, My SQL and Apache Web server on Linux hosting.
I have written comprehensive manuals and help files for many applications developed by me as well as written a series of Tutorials on various topics ranging from How to compress and decompress files using Peazip to Recovering Deleted Files.

   I have also prepared the entire Courseware of a leading Maritime Academy located in Goa in HTML format after developing the content based on the material supplied by them.A PHP based search facility (accessible via browser) was also installed for for easy access.The search facility enables all the computers on the local network to search the courseware.

Preparation Of Courseware

Courseware Preparation for Educational Institution

More on the Preparation Of Courseware