Other Customised Software that can be developed

   There are several other customised applications which can be developed to meet the needs of specific end-users. For example a patient Medical Records application can be developed which will maintain the medical records of the patient along with details of medical history and Treatment Given/Medicines Prescribed. Various reports as per requirement can be generated.
   Another application that can be developed is an Automobile Service Station application which will maintain vehicle records, repair history, servicing carried out. It will also maintain the stores spare part inventory and generate invoices of sales and service. It will also generate report of all the spare parts which are in short supply and have to be ordered.
   Besides the above, among other applications that can be developed is a delegate registration and reporting software for various conferences, seminars, exhibitions or the like. This customised software will maintain details of the conference, delegate details, schedule for the particular conference as well as generate various reports as per your requirement.

Other Customised Applications That Can Be Developed

  • Medical Records application
  • Automobile Service Station application
  • Payroll application
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Educational Institution Management
  • Delegate Registration and Reporting Software
  • Any Other Application to suit your Specific requirement