Affordable Online Examination System - Package Details & Pricing

   The affordable Online Examination System is a web application to conduct examinations online. It requires a web server which has PHP and My SQL. The web server can be on the Internet or optionally on the local network.
   The affordable Examination System consists of multiple choice questions. Each question paper consists of 50 questions of the type shown below. In case you want a different number of questions, the system can be customized for you.

Affordable Examination - Type of questions

   This system is very simple to install as well as use and comes with comprehensive documentation .

Features of Affordable Online Examination System in PHP and MySQL:

  • Software Developed in PHP and MySQL and works on Apache Web Server with PHP 5 and MySQL 5.
  • Running Sucessfully Online on Apache Web Server with PHP 5.2.9 and MySQL 5.0.x (Linux Hosting)
  • Comprehensive Documentation Provided to install as well as use the system.
  • Source code Provided. May be modified for your Use.
  • Unlimited Questions, Subjects, Question Papers as well as Student Details can be added and edited through a simple web based interface
  • Maximum Questions in a single Question Paper is 50
  • Small pictures, graphics can be included in the questions of the Online examination.
  • Password based Authentication System. Easy to Use
  • Questions, Student details, Answers given by the students and Marks obtained are stored in the MySQL database
  • Answers processed and marks awarded Instantly. Administrator can view Results immediately upon Submission.
  • The time taken by the student to answer the examination Question paper is recorded.
  • Highly cost effective and affordable. Costs much less than other similar software available. Well suited for small budgets.
  • Pdfs can be obtained of General Result, answer sheet, Student Details, Questions List as well as Question paper
  • Generation of General Mark Lists Summary (Total marks Obtained) as well as Individual Answer Sheets Generation.

Price : $145 One Hundred and Forty Five U.S. Dollars only.