Installation, Configuration and Support for NOLA, Wordpress and WebERP

Installation Configuration and Support for Nola

     Nola is a LAMP application, which merely means that it runs on Linux (it runs on other platforms as well), it's Web enabled and served to the network with Apache, while data is handled by the MySQL database, and users see, and interact with dynamic Web pages generated by PHP. NOLA is a very versatile application which offers accounting, full featured payroll as well as inventory management.

Online Examination System

Installation Configuration and Support for Wordpress

    WordPress has the normal support for blogging, with comments, TrackBacks, and Pingbacks. It supports multiple authors and registered visitors with the privilege to comment .The administration rights can be configured differently for different persons.It supports password protected posts as well as private posts, visible only to the author. There is a provision for categories as well as nested categories and multiple categories per post.There is also support for XML feeds and plug-ins.

Installation Configuration and Support for WebERP

    WebERP is an accounting package with special focus on customer order management. It has various modules such as Sales, Receivables, Payables, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing and General Ledger.